Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A guy driving a Bugatti.

I was driving on the freeway today and came up next to a guy in a Bugatti. If you're not familiar with this car it costs about $2 million dollars. Traffic was moving slowly, so he couldn't avoid all the eyes on him wondering what would cause a man to drive a car that essentially raises a middle finger to the rest of us. I know what you're thinking, Rick was jealous. No. I was thinking about pushing the accelerator down on my Honda, with its powerful four cylinder engine, and slamming it into the side of the Bugatti just to see if it dents. It could be made of kryptonite for all I know. The impulse was there. He was flaunting his wealth when most of us struggle to pay our phone bill. My car costs less than his tire. It would have been fun though, film at eleven stuff, but I am relatively sane on Tuesday's and didn't have my camera with me to take photos of his expression as I pummeled his jewels.

The sun is out. Summer is here. Maybe I will see him tomorrow. Stay tuned. 

1 comment:

  1. Rick! Love your self control! This is soooooo funny and I completely relate as one of my old bosses from my young adulthood had a Bugatti. Every day I would park my little 1972 sky blue VW Beetle in the parking lot at work and would have to look at my bosses elegant expensive car. I used to think, well...if he would give me a little raise, say .25 cents an hour,then perhaps I might be able to replace my bald tires! So many times I had to control my impulse to key the side of his Bugatti...but in the end, I drove home each day on my bald tires and continued to pinch pennies to pay my rent. There was a great lesson learned back then though; he was a miserable, mean and nasty person who didn't appreciate his wealth. I continue to be a poor starving artist, but my soul sings with joy! Be well and happy, Rick...drop by the prairie to say hello!

    Susie Rosso Wolf