Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday's muse

Today, I heard on the radio that Charlie Sheen (everyone say yuck!) is doing a concert, or show, or whatever he is going to do, and has sold out in arenas like Madison Square Gardens. All the tickets were sold very quickly for up to $500 per seat. The really strange part is that no one really knows what he is going to do. He could come out on stage and sit in a chair, motionless, smoking a cigarette, while the crowd waits with baited breath for some crazy rant or poem that will spew forth from his lips. Is it that people like to see a train wreck in action, stop to see a car wreck to see if there are any body bags, or to just drool at someone who made $2mil per week acting on a TV show? Somebody please tell me why you would pay $500 to see this loon speak (or not).