Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Where's the press on Obama's lies?

If you haven't already figured it out yet the American people were lied to by their president. If you like your healthcare and doctor you can keep them. We've been had. A lie made by the leader of the free world who knew that his Affordable Health Care (Obamacare) would cause millions to lose their healthcare. The deception is more cunning than people realize. Create a healthcare law that strips people of their current healthcare, based on a set of minimum standards, which forces them to sign up for Obamacare at a much higher premium. Those premiums subsidize the premiums of those who cannot afford to pay for their own healthcare. How is that for wealth distribution? Cancel old policies, force new policies at higher cost to cover everyone else. The wealthy don't care because they belong to groups that pay a yearly fee to doctors who don't accept healthcare. If something major happens they have the money. The poor don't care because it's free. So who pays the cost? The middle class. The same middle class that Obama talks about in all his speeches and lectures. The same middle class that is being eaten away by higher taxes, gas bills, and groceries. We've been had. It's a tax disguised as healthcare. Wealth distribution at its very finest. Socialists unite.

The new system can't even get a website operational. Can you imagine what filing a claim will be like? How long will you sit in hospital waiting room before they can approve a procedure or even find you in the computer system. Sorry Mrs. Jones your husband passed away because we couldn't treat him because our computer system froze. This is the same government that is tracking every phone call, email, web search, driving habits, and God knows what else, but can't seem to find a way to have people apply for healthcare. The same government that flies drones around the world and can pinpoint a terrorist sitting in a grass hut soon to meet Allah. The same government that spies on our allies. The same government that has spent us into $17 trillion dollars in debt. Pelosi rages that they have actually dropped the deficit. I guess she was never present in math class. Maybe she's subtracting $17 trillion from $10 trillion? Someone help her understand basic mathematics. This makes Big Brother look like a choir boy.

What I want to know is where is the press? Where are they? If Bush were to lie so vagrantly to the American people the media would be barking like dogs in kennel full of cats. The noise would be so loud it would shake the globe. Clinton lied about having sex with an intern and the media frothed at the mouth. I don't think most of us cared what he did with a cigar over a glass of port. At least I didn't. The cost was zero other than congress wasting their time with impeachment. The press now seems afraid of Obama. Why? They are supposed to be our eyes and ears on the government. Where are they?

And that's my rant for the week.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Why are you okay with higher taxes, more debt, and more government?

It's been a few years since I played in the blogosphere and thought this would be good time to jump back in given the current craziness that permeates our society. It was interesting the watch the train wreck that has become Washington DC. Facebook is alive with reposts of countless articles and videos, from both sides of the circus, with no real regard or thought process to the original poster. It seems to me that the hardcore fanatics on both sides of the fence get to play at our expense with endless noise. I think the most of the country is middle of the road and wishes for term limits on every congressman and senator. Of course that will never happen since they would be voting themselves out of job. People like, Nancy Pelosi don't even have to campaign or give speech and get re-elected with 90% of the vote.

Washington has always been divided. People forget that Aaron Burr was the vice president of the United States when he killed Alexander Hamilton, a former treasury secretary and founding father, in a duel (my guess is that people didn't forget they just didn't know this happened). Imagine Joe Biden shooting Tim Geithner in duel? How more divisive can you get?

One of the more perplexing things to me is why people want more government, more debt, and more taxes. There will always be those in society that the government must take care of. The elderly and affirmed deserve our help. Those having a tough time finding a job to put groceries on the table need our help. We need the military, police and firemen. We need regulations on businesses so that the crooks don't take advantage (even though this is never plain vanilla). I'm missing a lot, but you get the concept. Here is what I don't get. In this last bitch session that congress had over the raising the debt ceiling those on the left were outraged that republicans didn't want to raise the debt limit. They wanted to cut expenses and stop Obamacare from happening (which was a dumb idea and one left for another post). What's wrong with NOT increasing the debt limit? Even Obama refused to raise the debt limit when he was a senator stating it was morally wrong to place this burden on our children and grandchildren. Now we are six or seven trillion dollars more in debt than when he first took the oath office. Clinton was able to balance the budget with a republican controlled congress and leave with a surplus. Bush had 9/11 and no expense was too much to stop that from happening again. The country seems to have forgotten how we felt after that day. He became the rallying cry for every democrat in the nation. Every problem the United States had was because of George Bush. There were even people blaming Bush for this last crisis even though he hasn't been in office for more than five years. I read tweet from a girl stating that she was leaving the United States and moving to California. I guess she would fit in the category that still blames Bush.

So to liberal friends in the audience. Why are you okay with higher taxes, more debt, and more government? Don't post a regurgitation from Rachel Maddow. Tell me why you are okay with it. I really need to know.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A new review of my novel.

Faces in the Sand
By Richard MacLeod
Copyright 2010
Smashwords Edition
ISBN 978-1-4580-3399-4

Richard MacLeod’s novel of family and love is brimming with well-developed characters, a stirring plot and a thrilling ending.  MacLeod is a gifted writer.  The panorama of feelings and experiences in Faces in the Sand reads as an epic novel – filled with charisma and beauty.  Here, we find inviting characters and vivid descriptions.  There is nothing dry or sluggish about this novel. 

We are quickly immersed within the mind of Portia, a therapist who searches desperately for the true memory of her dying father.  MacLeod deftly reveals the warm longing and devotion of a loving daughter and her desperate search for experiences lost and found.  Her father, like so many others, was a victim of World War II.  After twenty-five years of absence, Portia searches for meaning in their missing relationship.  They had become strangers, absent in a life of warm wishes.  She felt deserted, betrayed and unloved; yet on his deathbed, Portia gently strokes his head, as she would a dearly-loved child.  As she reflects upon her childhood and beyond, MacLeod showers readers with a rich tapestry of descriptions, layering vivid imagery and metaphor adroitly.

MacLeod’s comprehension of psychology is revealed through Portia as she ruminates over the people parading through her life.  It is a tapestry of conceptions; thoughts leading to new ideas, leading to new understanding.  Through the eyes of her patients, Portia, a skilled therapist, explores the same vivid feelings of abandonment, fear and desire that she so desperately desires to work out in her own life.  Through her father’s old friends and a myriad of letters, her father’s idyllic and heroic life pours out to her.  Portia grows through the experience, as do all abandoned children who seek to understand life, love and opportunities lost. 

Revealed through letters from Portia’s father in Faces in the Sand is the agony and abject fear of battle via soldiers in World War II.  MacLeod explores the terror of battle in North Africa and beyond.  But memories became reality and reality fade into conjecture.  The ending is shocking and thrilling.  No one is who they appeared to be.  Reality turns fantasy upside down. 

MacLeod explores the feelings of children whose parents are not who they appear to be.  In this case, the protagonist has a father who becomes larger than life.  Portia’s father is a hero, who deeply loves her, yet fails as a father because of circumstances well beyond his control.  Here is a story of lost love, the terror of war and one child who wishes to pull all of the pieces together. The ending is shocking and penetrating.

Faces in the Sand is a powerful piece of fiction that appeals to everyone who has had a mysterious or lost parent or spouse.  Life is often far from our expectations or understanding.  MacLeod proffers a depth of character penetration within a believable story of war, family, love and lost relationships.  This is a book that will remain with the reader for an eternity.

Charles S. Weinblatt

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Away in the woods.

For the last five days I've been away in the woods. I didn't have a phone, television, internet, radio, or a Big Mac. I didn't care what was happening elsewhere. My world was my campsite next to a small stream, a fly rod, my dog, my wife, and crystal blue mountain air. There was mosquito or two; someone was running a generator after hours; a trailer had a bright light until ten o'clock; and the wind blowing through the trees was a little noisy. I had my morning vanilla latte just to keep things normal. It was peaceful.

On the fourth of July, I went to an old fashioned parade in a town with no stop sign. I've seen the same parade almost every year of my life. It hasn't changed much in one hundred and forty nine years. U.S. Marines marched down the street carrying our flag as it waved in the wind. I thought about our freedom. I thought about what is happening to our country with those that want to do away with our Constitution. I thought of people that are struggling to put food on the table, send their kids to college, and find a job. I thought about the men and women who are in harms way in foreign lands. I thought about the media who have become loud microphones with their own agenda. They were the judge and jury in the Casey Anthony trial, not the twelve people sitting in the jury box. They wanted her tried and hung from the nearest tree. Forget the law. The media found her guilty. It felt more like the Salem Witch Trials. I don't know why Americans were glued to their televisions over this trial. The man running his generator in our campground was watching the trial on his satellite dish. It made me want gag. Most of us would have never known about the trial without the media telling us to watch it. When do we turn it off?

When I got home there was a newspaper on my driveway. The front page was filled with two murders, one suicide, a drive by shooting, and a bank robbery. Someone should invent a newspaper with only good stories, but then maybe no one wants to read that. If only I could have stayed in the woods, the noise would go away.      

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kim Kardashian's butt...

Holy cow! I thought I've seen everything, but this takes the cake for the most narcissistic human being on the planet. Kim Kardashian had her butt x-rayed to prove to the world that she did not have butt implants. WTF? Her Twitter page has something like eight million followers. Why do we care so much about this girl? Our world has lost its mind on religious crazies, wars, human suffering, and the second Great Depression, but we have to endure seeing her displayed in our faces with all the glitter that is not gold. She's a pretty girl and made a lot of money. I'll giver props for that, but come on people. Why do we care if she did or didn't have butt implants? I guess it falls in line with having to watch the Casey Anthony murder trial live on all cable news channels. It's sickening and sad at the spectators we've become. If I see another gold commercial I'm going to throw my shoe at my TV. When do we wake up and realize the more we watch, the more they laugh all the way to the bank? That's my rant for this Saturday morning.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Women grunting in tennis.

I see the folks at Wimbledon are complaining about female tennis players grunting with every shot. I often wonder this myself. It was on my list of things to complain about. They sound like a chorus of exotic birds screaming in the jungle. What I don't know is why they grunt. Golfers don't grunt. Can you imagine Tiger Woods grunting over a putt? Hitters in baseball don't grunt. Even football players don't grunt, unless the air is forced out of them by someone resembling a small pickup truck. Even the male tennis players are quiet compared with the women. Does it make the ball go faster or straighter? Are they taught to grunt when they are young? Do they grunt louder if it's a backhand? What about the serve? I hear men doing this in the gym, but they are usually muscle-bound slobs who carry around a gallon of water in large jugs. They think they are still part ape and grunting attracts females along with their heavily applied cologne. Maybe it makes you stronger or smarter. I wonder if it will work in my office. Instead of whistling while we work, we can grunt while we work. That won't work either. We would sound like the men's room at the tennis stadium after some bad chili. Sorry for the visual. Happy hump day!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Foreskin and Goldfish in San Francisco.

San Francisco has done it again. After serious debate, and a ballot measure already on the books banning circumcision, they want to ban goldfish. I wonder if these pinheads, who hold office, have all night benders thinking this stuff up. I love San Francisco. It is a beautiful city, but they once discussed birth control for pigeons. I'm not exactly sure how you do that. Does someone place a little pill into the bird feeder each morning? What happens if they miss a morning? Do they put two pills in the feed the next day? Is there a morning after pill? 

The idea of being circumcised after you have a memory is terrifying. Can you imagine a thirteen year old boy when the Rabbi comes to visit for his Bar Mitzvah? Friends and family gather around, mom is smiling, dad is beaming proud as a peacock, while little Yakov holds his noodle out to be snipped by an old man, with a long beard, wearing a Yamaka. Ouch! Then there's the photo album and video of the event. I wonder if they will serve cake and ice cream. Sorry for the visual.   

Banning goldfish is a different proposition. Someone thinks goldfish are being bred inhumanely, similar to puppy farms (these are the same folks that think circumcising a thirteen year boy is humane.) Hmmm . . . They live in water. How can you treat an animal that lives in water inhumanely? If the water is to hot or cold, they die. No sale. If you don't feed them, they die. No sale. Little kids forget to feed them or change the water, they die. They're fed to other fish in huge aquariums. I'm not trying to callous, but this is a silly. In the ocean, little fish swim by the millions close to one another so they don't get eaten by bigger fish. Then there's Chinatown, which probably has a way of making a goldfish an aphrodisiac or a cure for foot fungus.

This is San Francisco, America's Sodom and Gomorrah, where anything and everything goes, except goldfish, foreskin, and pigeons. I wonder what's next.