Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It makes me wonder.

I had to be at an appointment this afternoon. I got a head start in pouring down rain, but as I drove I couldn't remember exactly where it was. I'd only been there once before and I knew the general area. My brain searched and searched. I knew what the building looked like. I think. Finally, after a few wrong turns, a phone call (and a few choice epitaths), I made it just in time to find out that my appointment was yesterday! It's either old age setting in or I'm working too hard.

While on the road there was a man on the radio saying that he could forecast earthquakes and that San Francisco was in for a big one. He couldn't say when, but it had something to with tidal surges, moon positioning, pixie dust, and the way his dog wagged its tail, or some other hocus pocus -- we were in for it. Stating that San Francisco or Los Angeles was in for a big earthquake is kind of like saying that it will snow at Lake Tahoe during the winter. Not a big crystal ball there.

The world does seem a little crazy though. Forgetting the economy for a moment. We have the middle east in constant chaos, which seems to grow worse by the minute. Earthquakes and tsunamis are destroying Japan. People are actually buying iodide tablets to fend off the radiation. Radio hosts are quoting biblical references. End of days? Daniel's timeline? Not that I buy into that stuff, but it sure makes you wonder.