Sunday, October 20, 2013

Why are you okay with higher taxes, more debt, and more government?

It's been a few years since I played in the blogosphere and thought this would be good time to jump back in given the current craziness that permeates our society. It was interesting the watch the train wreck that has become Washington DC. Facebook is alive with reposts of countless articles and videos, from both sides of the circus, with no real regard or thought process to the original poster. It seems to me that the hardcore fanatics on both sides of the fence get to play at our expense with endless noise. I think the most of the country is middle of the road and wishes for term limits on every congressman and senator. Of course that will never happen since they would be voting themselves out of job. People like, Nancy Pelosi don't even have to campaign or give speech and get re-elected with 90% of the vote.

Washington has always been divided. People forget that Aaron Burr was the vice president of the United States when he killed Alexander Hamilton, a former treasury secretary and founding father, in a duel (my guess is that people didn't forget they just didn't know this happened). Imagine Joe Biden shooting Tim Geithner in duel? How more divisive can you get?

One of the more perplexing things to me is why people want more government, more debt, and more taxes. There will always be those in society that the government must take care of. The elderly and affirmed deserve our help. Those having a tough time finding a job to put groceries on the table need our help. We need the military, police and firemen. We need regulations on businesses so that the crooks don't take advantage (even though this is never plain vanilla). I'm missing a lot, but you get the concept. Here is what I don't get. In this last bitch session that congress had over the raising the debt ceiling those on the left were outraged that republicans didn't want to raise the debt limit. They wanted to cut expenses and stop Obamacare from happening (which was a dumb idea and one left for another post). What's wrong with NOT increasing the debt limit? Even Obama refused to raise the debt limit when he was a senator stating it was morally wrong to place this burden on our children and grandchildren. Now we are six or seven trillion dollars more in debt than when he first took the oath office. Clinton was able to balance the budget with a republican controlled congress and leave with a surplus. Bush had 9/11 and no expense was too much to stop that from happening again. The country seems to have forgotten how we felt after that day. He became the rallying cry for every democrat in the nation. Every problem the United States had was because of George Bush. There were even people blaming Bush for this last crisis even though he hasn't been in office for more than five years. I read tweet from a girl stating that she was leaving the United States and moving to California. I guess she would fit in the category that still blames Bush.

So to liberal friends in the audience. Why are you okay with higher taxes, more debt, and more government? Don't post a regurgitation from Rachel Maddow. Tell me why you are okay with it. I really need to know.