Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Women grunting in tennis.

I see the folks at Wimbledon are complaining about female tennis players grunting with every shot. I often wonder this myself. It was on my list of things to complain about. They sound like a chorus of exotic birds screaming in the jungle. What I don't know is why they grunt. Golfers don't grunt. Can you imagine Tiger Woods grunting over a putt? Hitters in baseball don't grunt. Even football players don't grunt, unless the air is forced out of them by someone resembling a small pickup truck. Even the male tennis players are quiet compared with the women. Does it make the ball go faster or straighter? Are they taught to grunt when they are young? Do they grunt louder if it's a backhand? What about the serve? I hear men doing this in the gym, but they are usually muscle-bound slobs who carry around a gallon of water in large jugs. They think they are still part ape and grunting attracts females along with their heavily applied cologne. Maybe it makes you stronger or smarter. I wonder if it will work in my office. Instead of whistling while we work, we can grunt while we work. That won't work either. We would sound like the men's room at the tennis stadium after some bad chili. Sorry for the visual. Happy hump day!