Monday, March 14, 2011

Time change and rant for the day

For some reason the time change this year has me dragging. Maybe it's because there is rain still in the air. Global warming? Where? Not here. It seems like this year has been colder than the rest or maybe my memory is just getting a little slower. Who knows?

I heard on the radio that the disaster in Japan is thankfully not causing the stock market to drop much. What? Thousands of people have lost their lives, whole cities are destroyed, nuclear power plants are melting, and some people are only thinking about their precious money.

Here's a typical newscast (doesn't matter what channel): "Maybe ten thousand people have died from the devastation in Japan. Three nuclear power plants are in the process of melting down. President Obama states that the United States will help anyway it can. Now reporting on a closer front. The DOW was only off by 51 points--and here is Johnny with your weather."

Well - that is my rant for the day.

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