Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Is it just me or is St. Patrick's day the dumbest day ever, except of course if you happen to be Irish, which doesn't make a lot of sense since St. Patrick was British. I read quotes all day on Facebook about drinking green beer at 10:00AM, speaking like a leprechaun, and then a flurry of comments to one up each other. This got me thinking.

Why is our society filled with people who have to be better than everyone or at least try to be? Who has the nicer house, the better car, or the expensive purse and shoes? Who sells the most records? Who can drink the most green beer by lunch?

P. Diddy, or whatever you call him, can't sing. Last week on American Idol he came and strutted his thug self on stage like a pimp on the boulevard and spouted a few words (which he thought was singing) and the fans went crazy. Am I missing something here? Jennifer Lopez can't sing either. She hides her voice behind a techno beat. She's well marketed, and beautiful, which helps. Steven Tyler, he can sing. Luther Vandross, Karen Carpenter, Frank Sinatra (I know I'm dating myself) they could sing. One note and you know it's them. Not sure why I went off of that tangent, but it's my blog.

I guess it's all a gimmick on what they can sell. Did I mention...Snooki is a novelist.

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