Saturday, March 26, 2011

From my new book . . .

        There is an old fable about a body of water which has miraculous powers. The legend states that anyone who bathed in it would regain their youth. Men sought its discovery from all corners of the globe. Spanish explorer, Juan Ponce de Leon, searched for the Fountain the Youth in a place he named La Florida. He never found it. He was looking in the wrong place. It's not a fountain or a body of water, but a town where no maps lead. You could call it Eden, Avalon, Shagri-la or El Dorado. The people who live there call it The Village.


  1. Ok,are you sure it's not Disneyworld. One may not regain their youth, but it sure makes you feel young at heart...just saying.

  2. Complete with a castle, Snow White and the Seven Drawfs. Only I don't write fantasy stuff. Thanks for the comment, Bill.